1 x Iphone audio gradient 8-pin Lightning male to 3.5 mm female1 x Motor run 5.0 uF 425 V M8 Faston Ø28 x 55 mm ±5%1 x 5.5 Volt - 0.47F Back-up capacitor sizes (mm): 21.0 x 11.01 x President Transceiver 10 Meter, Frequency:28.000-29.700MHz AM/FM1 x Alan 78 Pro CB Transceiver 40 Multi Chan. FM/AM 1W/4W 12/24V2 x Wi-Fi smart plug, Schuko Type F, 10A1 x Handsfree Kit compatible with CB Radios using a 6-pins1 x Earbud With In-line PTT For PKT-23 Radio1 x Ø4mm light with 300mm long wires 12V/60mA1 x Single AC Adapter Kenwood PKT-23E, TK-3601D1 x External speaker for mobile incl. 2 meter cable1 x External speaker 20W rated input for ICF5400,ICF6400 NO1 x USB charger angled for smartphones, navigation, 1x out 5V 2A1 x end piece with hook for puncture fitting1 x PMR446 Clip Portofoon, 0.5W, 8 Channels1 x Vox adapter cable (with external PTT) for IP100H1 x Ceramic capacitor 180pF 10% 1kV e=5mm1 x MKT Capacitor 1uF/63V 5mm1 x Convert a USB-C ™ port to an HDMI ™ Female port1 x 2-Port - 1x HDM Input, 2x HDMI ™ Output 4K2K @ 60FPS / HDCP2.21 x Japanese potentionmeter 10K mono-logarithmic with serrated shaft1 x Male power socket, chassis type 3 pins1 x PMR446 Analoge & Digitale IP67 WATERPROOF Handheld1 x Benchtop power supply with fixed voltage 13.8V 7 Amps (9A peak)1 x Motorcycle helmet set with boommike for kenwood1 x PMR Handy 8 kan. 500mW1 x Table model power supply adjustable and fixed 5-15V 40A1 x Wi-Fi Smoke detector battery powered 85db white EN146041 x Compact ® Logitech USB wireless mouse1 x SI-P 60V 600mA 800mW TO-51 x One-Time Programmable (Windowless) EPROM - TTL Compatible I/O1 x Amidon Powder iron toroides 35µ - 0.1-3 Mhz1 x Wi-Fi Smart Video doorbell control via App. Battery powered1 x Solder lug M2 single tinned1 x Quad Opamp. DIL*-141 x Car relay 24VDC SPCO1 x Magnetic mount ø35mm with 2.4mtr RG174 cable1 x President Johnson CB transceiver 40 Multi Channels FM/AM  1 x Compact, license-free radio. 8 can. 0.5W1 x Ceramic capacitor 56pF 5% 1kV e=5mm1 x Mobile Antenna UHF 370-490 Mhz Chrome with DV Foot1 x Cooler for TO-5, TO-39 High 6mm Gold Plated1 x Bluetooth module for Icom IC-A120E, ID-5100, IC-2730