1 x CR2032, Ø20.0x3.2mm, 3.0V, PCB mount with soldering lips lying1 x opto-triac dr. 7500v ift=30 DIL-81 x Wi-Fi Smoke detector battery powered 85db white EN146042 x USB cable for Sync and charge your I-Phone1 x Self-adhesive mounting plates for smoke detectors ø39.4mm2 x President Johnson CB transceiver 40 Multi Channels FM/AM  1 x Card reader for reading and writing almost every media card1 x DSP compatible table microphone for the Kenwood TS-590S2 x Terminal block coupling strip 2,5mm² - 12-fold1 x SI N-Chnl.FET 25V 10mA TO-923 x Compact, license-free radio. 8 can. 0.5W1 x Li-ion Battery (7.2V - 1,520 mAh type)1 x RoIP Gateway Radio over IP-Netwerk. PMR, LTE,VoIP1 x 5.5 Volt - 1F Back-up capacitor sizes (mm): 28.0 x 12.01 x Amidon Powder iron toroides 10µ - 1-30 Mhz1 x Increase your safety at home with this carbon monoxide detector.1 x Full Duplex LTE Base Station for the IP501H2 x Mobile Antenna UHF 370-490 Mhz Chrome with DV Foot1 x Bluetooth module for Icom IC-A120E, ID-5100, IC-27301 x Ceramic. Multilayer Axial 10nF 50V1 x USB-C cable for syncing and charging your I-phone1 x Boom Mike 1pin with 3.5 mm stereo earphone jack1 x Vox adapter cable (with external PTT) for IP100H1 x Benchtop power supply with fixed voltage 13.8V 3 Amps (5A peak1 x Earclipphone Talk-Listen 2 pin jack1 x RJ-45 CAT6 plug shielded with wire guide and tulle1 x RJ-45 plug shielded with wire guide1 x Styroflex Capacitor. 33PF - 500V - 1% - EMZ - 4X11mm - AX1 x Albrecht VOX (Handsfree mike) CB Microphone 6-pin 421101 x Twist drill HSS - DIN 338 - ø1,0mm (p / pc)1 x Rescue for the removal of water from phones etc2 x Data & Charging Cable 1.00 m white for iPod, iPhone, iPad1 x Convert a USB-C ™ port to an HDMI ™ Female port1 x Wi-Fi Smart Video doorbell control via App. Battery powered1 x 2-Port - 1x HDM Input, 2x HDMI ™ Output 4K2K @ 60FPS / HDCP2.21 x ABS cabinet waterproof, IP65, 115x65x40 mm, dark gray1 x IR light lock - 10m for eg ramp, shops, etc.1 x Extension cable 220V 3x1.5mm² 5mtr White with protective earth1 x 2 way car splitter 12V with cable2 x President Walker 2 CB transceiver 40 Multi Channels FM/AM1 x 220V euro power cable 90° Angled 2mtr with eight 2x0.75mm²1 x Jumper with grip strip 2.54mm black1 x Extension cable 220V 3x1.5mm² 3mtr White with protective earth1 x Black 220V cord with the familiar 8-shaped plug 2.5mtr long1 x Car relay 24VDC SPCO1 x Wi-Fi smart plug, Schuko Type F, 10A1 x Jumper with grip strip 2.0mm black1 x Handsfree set for mike Kenwood transceivers with RJ45 connector1 x Magnetic mount ø35mm with 2.4mtr RG174 cable1 x Jumper closed 2.54mm red2 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Male and 1x Female 15cm1 x Benchtop power supply with fixed voltage 13.8V 10 Amp (12A peak)1 x PCB single-sided 10x16 cm1 x Styroflex Capacitor. 47PF - 3.5X7.5mm - AX1 x Quad 2 Inp. NOR Gate DIL-141 x Socket Splitter On/Off Switch 1xRA Plug, 2xEuro white1 x Socket Splitter 2x RA socket white1 x Elco radial 220uF/63V 10x20mm e=5mm 105°1 x Carbon film resistor 1/2W 5% - 22M1 x Quad 2 Inp. NOR Gate DIL-141 x Benchtop power supply with fixed voltage 13.8V 7 Amps (9A peak)1 x Elco radial 100uF/250V 16 x 32mm, 105°C1 x E-27 Halogen bulb base ø41x47mm1 x IC socket gold plated machined dil 28p e=15,24mm1 x VHF Handheld Incl.: KNB-63 Accu & Lader & Beltclip & Antenne1 x G-9 Halogen cap ø22mm1 x 6 x TK-3501E , 1 x KMB-35E 6 Fold charger platform1 x GU-10 Halogen bulb base ø27, 5mm wired1 x Single Muff Headset with Boom Microphone1 x Halogen G4-G6 fitting cap 18x17mm with wire 15cm1 x Halogen G4-G6 fitting cap with wire ø17mm2 x Halogen G4-G6 fitting cap ø17mm with flange and wire1 x Set of 6 jumper cables 1x Female and 1x Female 13cm1 x Metalfilm resistor 0,4W-1%-39K1 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Female en 1x Female 30cm2 x LTE Mobile Transceiver, Wide Coverage Over LTE, 4G, 3D Network1 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Female en 1x Female 15cm1 x Universal single USB charger, ideal for charging oaMP3, etc1 x Varistor SIOV - S07 K230 230V 0,25W ø9,0x4,0mm1 x Metalfilm resistor 0,4W-1%-390K1 x SI-N 60V 15A 90W TOP-31 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Male and 1x Female 30cm1 x Multi Digital Dual Band Radio with Color Display, Bluetooth1 x Multi wonderspray kontact 401 x Ceramic capacitor 2,2nF e=5,08mm1 x Trimmer top adjust Ø 10mm 100E2 x Antenna CB Mobile Magnetic Whip Stainless Steel, 101cm, 300W1 x Throat microphone for PMR handheld transceiver including Kenwood1 x Automotive bladefuse 40A - orange1 x Butangas for lighters, gas pistols and soldering equipment1 x Coil, KENK5231DZ (145Mc), Dimension: 10x10mm1 x Microphone Compressor Complete (pcb and parts)1 x Marten Free for in home1 x 2-way Input: 1x RCA Fem or 1x TosLink to output 2x Tulip Fem1 x Car relay 24VDC 40A SPCO1 x Microphone Midland Alan 48+, 78+ en 48 Excell 6pol with up/down1 x ø3mm orange water clear 610nm 1290mcd1 x Alan 78 CB transceiver 40 Multi Channels FM/AM  2 x SMD LED 0805 2,0x1,25x1,1mm 36-90mcd 140° - red1 x Ear bud with microphone-PTT voor Motorola Two-Pin Right Angle1 x KONTAKT 60 an oxide-dissolving contact cleaner2 x Ø10mm red diffused 627nm 95mcd1 x Surveillance kit 2-wire microphone-PTT Motorola Two-Pin angled1 x TV mount 81.3 cm (32") - 165.1 cm (65") Fixed1 x Pixie 2 kit for the 80mtr (all components and PCB)1 x DIN mounting for President Harry31 x Corrosion Protection and lubricant for electronics1 x Elco radial 2200uF/63V 18x35mm e=7,5mm 105°1 x Nexedge full keypad and Display VHF Handheld1 x Nexedge full keypad and Display UHF Handheld1 x Adapter 220V contra USA naar NL Stekker White1 x HDMI switch closes up to 2 devices on to HDMI TV input1 x Ceramic capacitor 1,5nF e=5,08mm1 x PA Amplifier F6BQU (8Watt HF) for 20 or 40 meter1 x Varta 4922 9V H48.5xL26.5mm, LR22, E1 x Reed contact 0.25A/3W 1xchange ø2.54x14.0mm1 x Sound Card Interface D-sub cap.1 x Table magnifying lamp with 3 diopter precision lens. 22Watt1 x Travel adapter for in America with earthed1 x Reed contact 0.25A/3W 1xmake ø5x48.0mm1 x SWR cable 90cm with on both sides a PL plug1 x CB mounting screw M6x6mm 1/pc1 x Pliers for connecting wires to LSA strips1 x Coil resistormodel 0,15uH 10%1 x UTP CAT6 (RJ-45) white 5m supports 10,100,1000 Mbps1 x Reed contact 0.25A/3W 1xmake ø3x15.0mm1 x Adapter cable is required when using the HS-94, HS-95, HS-971 x travel adapter for in America1 x Reed contact 0.25A/3W 1xmake ø3.8x28.0mm1 x Key switch - 120V/2A Hole ø10mm, length 26mm1 x SWR cable 45cm with on both sides a PL plug1 x Reed contact 0.25A/3W 1xmake ø2.54x20.0mm1 x Helmset with 2 flat plastic waterproof earbuds1 x Storage box for the Brass Racer1 x Vibrokey Gold spring loaded movement paddle with one handle1 x DisplayPort Male to HDMI Cable 1080p Black1 x Microphone Compressor PCB only1 x Microswitch 5A/250Vac with short rollever1 x Iphone audio gradient 8-pin Lightning male to 3.5 mm female1 x Alan 78 Pro CB Transceiver 40 Multi Chan. FM/AM 1W/4W 12/24V1 x Kenwood TK3501 e PMR446 incl.KNB-45 Battery & Charger KSC-352 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Male and 1x Male 30cm1 x Elco axial 470uF/25V ø10x18mm1 x Headset Required VS-1 serie for All Handheld1 x Battery Holder 3x penlight (AA) with 15cm cable1 x Antenna connector PL to DV1 x Push to print pin 1.0mm silver plated1 x President Lincoln2 Transceiver CB/10/12mtr FM/AM/LSB/USB2 x 5mm Yellow 4500mcd 30mA non-diffuse angle: 20° 589nm1 x Foam Cleaner for equipment1 x pwm topswitch-ii 30-50w TO-220C1 x ø3mm yellow diffuus 590nm 240mcd1 x 500 Channel portable scanner Freq.25-960 Mhz (cycling races)1 x Two-wire Palm Microphone with Earpiece1 x quad 2-inp nand gate DIL-141 x Elco radial 470uF/50V 13x22mm e=5mm 105° Low ESR1 x Desoldering wick 2.8mm x 1.50 mtr (10-5L)1 x Microphone President 6pins with Up/Down1 x LNB for reception of Astra 1 + Astra 3 (2 out) for 78/88cm1 x 800mAh Ni-Mh Rechargable battery pack for Midland G71 x Small Signal Transistors TO-921 x Capacitor 0402 10uF 4V +/- 20%1 x Coil, 291CN-T1061-93338, Dimension: 7x7mm1 x Metalfilm resistor 0,4W-1%-360K1 x USB charger straight for smartphones, navigation, 1x out 5V 2A1 x 3-wire lapel mic with earphone1 x SI-P 60V 600mA 800mW TO-51 x MAR3 Wideband, DC to 2 GHz High gain, 12.5 dB typ. at 0.1 GHz1 x SI-P 300V 1A 1W TO-51 x Antenna CB Base Whip Aluminium length 650cm 250 Watts1 x Battery holder for 2x 18650 (3.7V) battery with 15cm cable1 x HP 305 (3YM61AE) Black Ink Cartridge (original)1 x Elco radial 1000uF/63V 12,5x25mm e=5mm 105°1 x CANON BCI-21 Color BJC4000serie1 x Multimedia Stereo Headset with microphone1 x PMR446 Analoge & Digitale IP67 WATERPROOF Handheld1 x PRM446 Analoge IP67 WATERPROOF handheld1 x Lightweight Headset with Boom Microphone & PTT1 x SI-N 120V 10A 120W TO-31 x Desktop microphone1 x DIN chassis part female screw version 5-pole 180 °1 x BNC Male Clamp type RG58U1 x 2.5 x5mm yellow diffused 4.5 mcd 590m1 x UHF Whip Antenna (450-490 MHz) oa TK-2000, TK-30001 x Metalfilm resistor 0,4W-1%-56K21 x Battery holder for 1x 18650 with cable1 x CUL Winding Wire 0.8mm p/mtr1 x Sound Card Interface Jack Plugs, 3.5 mm stereo jack plug (3x)1 x Table mike with Pre-Amp 8 pins1 x 18w 18v audio ampl. vert. TO220-51 x Butel ARC-125 Windows Software for Uniden UBC125XLT, USB stick1 x CANON CL-511 color1 x SI-P 100V 3A 40W TO-2201 x Carbon film resistor 3W 5% - 22K1 x si-p 150v 50ma 5w 200mhz TO-1261 x ø3mm green water clear 574nm 690mcd 34°1 x Varistor SIOV - S14 K140 140V 0,60W ø15,5x4,3mm1 x Microphone for Midland M20, 248 and Alan121 6pin with up / down2 x 10 pcs Capacitor 0805 - 2,2pF1 x General-Purpose Static RAM - Standby VCC Current 100uA SO-281 x One-Time Programmable (Windowless) EPROM - TTL Compatible I/O1 x Coil, 0051-9504J, Dimension: 7x7mm1 x Heatsink 20,5x19x19,5mm - black1 x LOW POWER DUAL CONVERSION FM RECEIVER SO-281 x Dual Very Low Noise opamp 2x 44v 10mhz 9v/us DIL-81 x Trimmer top adjust Ø 10mm 25K1 x Power cord CB 2 pins with lock [dd]1 x Mobile Base Scanner 300kan, freg 25-960MHz (bicycle races)1 x The Keyboard K120 is affordable, durable keyboard1 x Shrink tubing with adhesive black ø 12 - 4 mm length 0.5 m1 x Metalfilm resistor 0.4W-1%-51K1 x Elco axial 3,3uF/63V ø5x10mm1 x BCD Decade Counter Synch Reset SO-161 x Microphone President 6pins1 x Coil, 100-077-83103, Dimension: 10x10mm1 x Balanced modulator/demodulator SO-141 x PMR446 Clip Portofoon, 0.5W, 8 Channels1 x SMD LED 1206 3,2x1,5x1,1mm 28,5-72mcd 140° - green1 x SI-N 100V 3A 40W TO-220