1 x Diode FM tuning1 x Fast charger for KNB-55L, KNB-57LM1 x Programmable Opamp. SO-81 x 140V Vcbo, 3.0A Ic Low frequency power silicon NPN trans SOT-2231 x Elco radial 4700uF/63V 22x50mm e=10mm 105° - RoHS1 x Crimping slip-socket 6.3 mm red isolated Female1 x Complete Sixfold 220V fast charger, (incl BC157S)2 x LTE Handheld Transceiver, Wide Coverage Over LTE, 4G, 3D Network1 x GE Diode 90V 50mA1 x VHF Digital Analogue NEXEDGE Porto1 x Earphone kit1 x Microphone cable flexible black 2 x 0.08mm² ø 3mm p/mtr1 x Heatsink 42,7x50x12,5mm with TO-220 drill-pattern - black1 x Dual D Flip-Flop DIL-142 x Limited keypad and Display VHF Handheld1 x unidir transil 15v 1500w DO-2011 x 1 x Banana plug ø4mm with cross hole - Red1 x Elco axial 100uF/40V ø8x18mm1 x Automotive bladefuse mini 4A - Purple1 x 1.5A SWITCHING REGULATOR1 x Battery Holder 2x Ladycel (N) solder1 x Labory plug ø4mm with side-entry - black1 x Dual 64 bit Static Shift Reg. DIL-161 x Nexedge limited keypad and Display Digital UHF FM Portable1 x SMA Male Crimp type RG58U Gold1 x SI-P 140V 16A 150W TO-31 x Taktswitch 6x3x2mm 4,5N - SMD1 x Schottky diode Small Signal 100V 150mA 450 mV DO-351 x Universal dual USB charger, ideal for charging mobile phones,etc1 x Wi-Fi smart power strip for outdoor use, Splash-proof IP44,16A1 x NPN 45V 100mA 200mW TO-2361 x trip.2-chn anal.mux/demux SO-161 x Ceramic capacitor 150pF 100V NPO e=2,54mm1 x Nexedge full keypad and Display UHF Handheld1 x Ceramic capacitor 1,2pF 100V NP0 e=5,08mm1 x 1 x Coil, YBTKACS-37915A,10K10.7,FM IF,black, Q=100, L/C=51pF 10x101 x Ceramic capacitor 1nF e=2,54mm

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