Rescue for the removal of water from phones etc


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Product added: 03/13/2021

Rescue kit for removing water from personal electronic devices such as phones, MP3 players, cameras, remote controls, watches and other objects that fit in the pocket to prevent permanent water damage.
Important: Immediate action is required by following the steps below, which can also be found in the manual provided.

1. Turn off the device.
2. Dry it carefully with a soft cloth.
3. If possible, remove the battery, memory card and other small parts.
4. Open the rescue bag. Leave the white rescue bag in the rescue bag. Carefully place the device to be rescued in the plastic bag and reseal the bag. The pearls in the bag immediately begin to absorb all the moisture.
5. Wait at least 24 hours (for small devices such as cell phones) to 48 hours (for larger devices such as tablets) before taking the device out of the bag.

Name:  Rescue for the removal of water from phones etc
Model No.:  Telefoon reddingsset van water

Product added: 03/13/2021

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Rescue for the removal of water from phones etc

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