Metal compass


  • Model:   Kompas 

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Model No.:     Kompas
Description:   Metal compass

Name:  Metal compass
Model No.:  Kompas

Product added: 01/04/2021

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Metal compass

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1 x Weller ET O 0.8 mm Straight Conical Hoof Soldering Iron Tip1 x Metalfilm resistor 0,4W-1%-301E1 x HF-VHF-UHF Amateur Radio Transceiver1 x Potentiometer mono-lin ø4mm metal shaft - 250K2 x Toroidal Core Transformer 1000VA 2x 35V/14,29A1 x 10 pcs Capacitor 0603 - 470nF 10%1 x Dual Very Low Nois Opamp. DIL-81 x DIN cableplug metal bajonetlocking - 4-pole1 x quad 2-inp nor gate SO-141 x President Lincoln2 Transceiver CB/10/12mtr FM/AM/LSB/USB1 x OFF LINE SWITCHER, 7 pins, SO-81 x MKP capacitor 1uF 275VAC, R 46mm1 x Universal single USB charger, ideal for charging oaMP3, etc1 x Labory plug ø4mm with side-entry solder - red1 x Neg. Reg. 18V 1A TO-2201 x 2x7W BTL Audio Amp. ZIP-171 x 1 Megabit 128K x 8 5-volt Only CMOS Flash Memory1 x Antenna adapter 3 / 8 "bolt DV jack1 x LTE Handheld Transceiver, Wide Coverage Over LTE, 4G, 3D Network1 x TK3701D Digitale & Analoge PMR446 Handheld Incl. Battery,Charger1 x Fuse ceramic 5x20mm Slow 8A/250V1 x Elco radial 2200uF/40V 16x35mm e=7,5mm 105°1 x PNP 30V 0,1A 0,25W SOT-231 x 1 Megabit (131,072 x 8-Bit) CMOS 5.0 Volt-only, Sector Erase Fla1 x Pos. Reg. 9V 1A TO-2201 x Metalfilm resistor 0,4W-1%-120K1 x VHF radio without display (IP67)1 x Controller mounting bracket for MB-105A1 x Robust handheld microphone speaker.1 x Carbon film resistor 1W 5% - 27K1 x Nexedge limited keypad and Display Digital UHF FM Portable1 x 1 of 10 Decoder1 x 10 pcs Carbon Film resistor 1/4W 5% - 1K1 x Dual 4 to 1 Line Multiplexer1 x Li-ion battery, 7.2V 1485mAh1 x LNB for receiving Astra 1 + Astra 3 (2 out) for 78 / 88cm1 x Satellite dish TDS 80cm 7016 Anthracite Singlepack 120508