Solder tin 0.7mm 60% tin, 40% lead alloy


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  • Model:   Tin 100gram 0.7mm 

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Product added: 04/06/2024

The HS10 2510 1,0MM 100G is an Electronic Solder Wire with 0.039-inch external diameter, very efficient by its high activity, which results in quick spread of solder and electrical safe residues. It is a halide activated rosin (colophony) flux.

•Solid and dry residues, pin testable
•Fast soldering, high spread speed
•High reliability.

Name:  Solder tin 0.7mm 60% tin, 40% lead alloy
Model No.:  Tin 100gram 0.7mm

Product added: 04/07/2024

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Solder tin 0.7mm 60% tin, 40% lead alloy

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