Flat audio cable with a shield per wire p/m


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  • Model:   Audio 2x0.14 plat 

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Product added: 11/06/2021

Very smooth, flat cable with a standard diode shielding of each vein. Suitable for audio cables.
solder pulls the plastic inner conductor not return. Color: Black

Conductors: 2x0.14mm²
External dimensions: 2.9 x 5.8 mm
Conductor resistance: 130 Ohm/Km (±5%)
Cap. pF/m core/shield: 280
Cap. pF/m core/core 70
Operative temp.: -15° to +70° C

Name:  Flat audio cable with a shield per wire p/m
Model No.:  Audio 2x0.14 plat

Product added: 11/06/2021

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Flat audio cable with a shield per wire  p/m

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