200 Kan.Portable scanner, freq. range 25-88,108-174,400-512Mhz


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Product added: 04/01/2021

300 channels Radio scanner suitable for aviation.

•Frequency range: 25-88 MHz, Airband 108-137, 137-174 MHz, 400-512 MHz.
•tuning interval 5 6.25 10 12.5 20 kHz
•aeronautical Tuning 8,33 12,5 kHz switchable
•short-range tuning (Close Call)
•7 preprogrammed Emergency Service Ribbons, Freenet, PMR, Navy, Air CB, Ham
•memory scan 100 channels second
•scan frequency 100 steps second,
•hyper Search 300 steps second at 5 kHz grid
•search service
•300 presets in 10 banks of memory
•Max. 10 priority channels
•Skip Memory (Lock Out) 100 permanently + 100 temporarily
•Scan Delay 2 sec
•Backlit LCD
•non-volatile memory for settings (EEPROM)
•key lock
connector for antenna (BNC)
•connector for earphones Speaker (3.5mm)
•jack for charger mini USB
•power supply 2 x AA NiMH 2300 mAh
•Dimensions: W: 67mm H: 115 mm D: 33 mm
•Weight: 169 g without batteries and antenna in the delivery include: Rubber-helix antenna, belt clip, USB cable, NiMH batteries, 2300 mAh (2 x AA)
Please note that all of these frequencies may not be allowed to listen in your country.

Name:  200 Kan.Portable scanner, freq. range 25-88,108-174,400-512Mhz
Model No.:  Albrecht AE75H

Product added: 04/03/2021

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200 Kan.Portable scanner, freq. range 25-88,108-174,400-512Mhz

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