Wi-Fi Power Switch, In-Line, Output 220V 16A


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  • Model:   WIFI Smart Switch 3680W 

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Product added: 07/29/2023

Add smart functionality, such as remote switching, programming and voice control (in combination with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa), to your existing lamps by installing this smart Wi-Fi switch module. Simply connect the device to the free Nedis SmartLife app via your home Wi-Fi network. Turn your traditional light into a smart light, while still being able to use the existing light switch to turn the light on and off.

Thanks to its small size (41x41x20 mm) it can be placed in the existing plenum box, behind any storage cabinet or above any suspended ceiling.
Note: A neutral conductor is required to always power the switch module.

Combine this switch with other smart products in the Nedis SmartLife app to create scenes or automations, such as turning on the light when motion is detected, or lowering the shutters when you leave it. lights on at night.

Simply schedule the lights to turn on and off based on your presence, the sunset and/or exact times, not only to make your life easier, but also to simulate your presence when you are in fact elsewhere.

Name:  Wi-Fi Power Switch, In-Line, Output 220V 16A
Model No.:  WIFI Smart Switch 3680W

Product added: 07/30/2023

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Wi-Fi Power Switch, In-Line, Output 220V 16A

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