Shipping & Returns

If you post an order the program will automatically find the lowest shipping cost for you order, based on the weight and size of the article, and the country of shipping.
Your order will be ship after receiving your payment.

To keep the shipping cost as low as possible we work with several shipping rates

Europe. By Dutch post-office
Shipping rate 1 a € 2.50
Shipping rate 2 a € 5.50
Shipping rate 3 a € 15.95

World. By Dutch post-office
Shipping rate a € 29.95

Normally it will be take about 4 a 7 working days before you will received the order, you will be informed about the progress of you order by email.

If you will send back an article for ever what reason of all, you have the right to do so, but it has to been within 14 working days after delivery, to send it back to HAJÉ Electronics.

Returns will only be accepted if the package and the article isn´t being damage, and note, that you have to pay for the return shipping cost.

The next article are out of the question for returning:
Battery, Activated smartcards and Semiconductors.
3 x Motor helmset with boom mike for Icom and Alinco3 x Headset Required VS-1 serie for All Handheld2 x Helmset with 2 flat plastic waterproof earbuds2 x Helmset with 2 flat plastic waterproof earbuds1 x Flex antenna CB 27Mhz Long 53 cm BNC plug for Alan 42e3 x Wi-Fi smart plug, Schuko Type F, 10A1 x Photo transistor Optocoupler 1Channel 60mA 4kV SO-81 x Throat microphone for PMR handheld transceiver including Kenwood1 x Microphone President 6pins with Up/Down1 x 10 pcs Resistor 0805 - 3M31 x Twist drill HSS - DIN 338 - ø0.8mm (p / pc)1 x Alan 48 Pro CB Transceiver 40 Multi Chan. FM/AM 1W/4W 12/24V1 x Amidon Powder iron toroides 8µ - 3-40 Mhz1 x CR2032, Ø20.0x3.2mm, 3.0V, PCB mount with soldering lips lying1 x LI-ION Battery 18650 3.6V 3.1A 5/4A (ø18.6x65.3mm)1 x CR2032, Ø20.0x3.2mm, 3.0V, battery standing with isolated edge1 x Fast charger for Kenwood PKT-23E without adapter1 x Multistandard VIF-PLL with QSS-IF and AM demodulator1 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Female en 1x Female 15cm1 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Male and 1x Female 15cm1 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Male and 1x Female 30cm1 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Male and 1x Male 30cm1 x Sound Card Interface D-sub cap.1 x DIN mounting for President Johnson-2 ASC Multi, Stabo XM50031 x 8 pin tube socket Rimlock Draht / Chassis part1 x Microphone President 6pins1 x Tantalum Capacitor 2,2uF/25V e=2,5 - RoHS1 x NIMH 1.2V, 800mA, AAA, R03, Micro, Mini Penlite Ø10.5x44,5mm1 x Socket Splitter plug 3x euro white1 x Trimmer mini small horizontal 1-turn ø6,3mm Carbon 5K1 x Microphone cableplug 8 pins Female1 x Solder strip double 500mm - 38mm wide1 x Bluetooth module for Icom IC-A120E, ID-5100, IC-27301 x PRM446 Analoge IP67 WATERPROOF handheld1 x Fuse ø6,3x32mm slow-blow - 20A1 x Vox adapter cable (with external PTT) for IP100H1 x USB cable for Sync and charge your I-Phone1 x Self-adhesive mounting plates for smoke detectors ø39.4mm1 x Marten Free for in car2 x President Johnson CB transceiver 40 Multi Channels FM/AM  2 x Compact, license-free radio. 8 can. 0.5W2 x Mobile Antenna UHF 370-490 Mhz Chrome with DV Foot1 x Ceramic capacitor 22nF e=5,08mm1 x Increase your safety at home with this carbon monoxide detector.2 x Cooler for TO-5, TO-39 High 6mm Gold Plated1 x Magnetic mount ø35mm with 2.4mtr RG174 cable2 x Car relay 24VDC SPCO2 x Wi-Fi Smart Video doorbell control via App. Battery powered1 x IR light lock - 10m for eg ramp, shops, etc.1 x Ceramic capacitor 1,8pF 100V NP0 e=5,08mm1 x Rapid Battery Charger for KNB-45L1 x Amidon Ferrite Toroids 8µ - 2-40 Mhz1 x 2-Port - 1x HDM Input, 2x HDMI ™ Output 4K2K @ 60FPS / HDCP2.21 x Amidon Powder iron toroides 8µ - 2-50 Mhz1 x Choke coil radial 470uH barrel black small1 x Microphone Compressor Complete (pcb and parts)1 x Elco axial 1000uF/40V ø12,5x30mm1 x HDMI Adapter HDMI Female to HDMI Female Black1 x Dish accomplish through an acoustic signal.1 x Bullet terminal male 5mm Yellow1 x Coil, 4238-021112 x Trimmer top adjust Ø 15mm 10K - Piher - RoHS1 x Temperatue Fuse 216°C/10A1 x One-Time Programmable (Windowless) EPROM - TTL Compatible I/O1 x Pixie 2 kit for the 80mtr (all components and PCB)1 x Fitting screw 25A Yellow1 x RoIP Gateway Radio over IP-Netwerk. PMR, LTE,VoIP1 x 2.1W AF Power Amplifier QIL-141 x Full Duplex LTE Base Station for the IP501H1 x General-Purpose Static RAM DIL-281 x Uniden bag for UBC125XLT and UBC75xlt1 x Fitting rocker Black with Red Fluorescent light 220V 30X221 x Japanese potmeter 50K mono-logarithmic with serrated shaft1 x Skytrimmer 2 - 5pF black 2 pins e= 5mm1 x Varistor SIOV - S10 K625 625V 0,40W ø12,0x7,5mm1 x SI-P 60V 600mA 800mW TO-51 x MAR3 Wideband, DC to 2 GHz High gain, 12.5 dB typ. at 0.1 GHz1 x Styroflex Capacitor. 12PF - 500V - 1% - EMZ - 3.5X11mm - AX1 x External speaker for mobile incl. 2 meter cable1 x Styroflex Capacitor. 330PF - 160V - 5% - 4.5X11mm - AX1 x USB-C cable for syncing and charging your I-phone1 x PA Amplifier F6BQU (8Watt HF) for 20 or 40 meter1 x Varta 4922 9V H48.5xL26.5mm, LR22, E1 x External speaker 20W rated input for ICF5400,ICF6400 NO