1 x Noise Reduction Headset (overhead)1 x 256 X 4 STATICRAM Low power DIL-181 x ø1,8mm green diffused 565nm 9mcd1 x SI-N 60V 150mA 400mW TO-981 x Wire marker closed ø2.5 - 5mm l=3mm - '1'2 x USB cable connector solder type A1 x AC Adapter 12 Volt 7A for BC-121N (=BC-124)1 x Fuse ceramic 5x20mm Traag 200ma/250V1 x Carbon film resistor 1/2W 5% - 39K1 x 10 pcs Capacitor 1210 - 3,3nF1 x 1 Megabit (128Kx8-bit)CMOS 5.0Volt, Uniform Sector Flash Memory1 x ø3mm Low Current (2mA) red diffused 627nm 2.8 mcd1 x SI-N 50V 200mA 300mW TO-92klein1 x Elco radial 47uF/50V 5x11mm e=2,5mm 105°1 x 4C65, 120µ, Ø 36mm, beige1 x PMR Handy 8 kan. 500mW1 x Wing bolt with nut for DV Antenna1 x Battery holder 2x Penlight (AA) push button connection1 x UHF Digital & FM Repeater / Bassis1 x Connection Cable (D-Sub to Molex)1 x PAL Female Chassis Mount (Bulkhead)1 x Choke coil radial 47mH barrel gray smooth1 x Signal Generator 100MHz 55% MSOP-101 x Recorder Pre Amplifier SIL-92 x Loudspeaker kabelreceptable - screwterminal - screwhood1 x SMB Female Crimp type RG174U Gold1 x PMR446 Clip Portofoon, 0.5W, 8 Channels1 x SI P-Chnl.FET 40V 10mA TO-921 x Ceramic capacitor 470pF e=2,54mm 50V COG/NP01 x GE Diode 140V 50mA1 x -150V Single P-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET1 x Zenerdiode 6.8V 10W1 x Cermet trimmer 12-turns top-adjust QIL - 100K1 x Microphone cable flexible black 2 x 0.08mm² ø 3mm p/mtr2 x 4 bit Bin.Counter Asynch Reset1 x Coil, KXNK3766EK, 10K SW3, Osc, Blue, Q=80, L/C=1.1uH 10x101 x Bi-Directional TVS Diode, 1500W, 2-Pin DO-2011 x SCR 400V 0.8A TO-921 x Bullet terminal male 4mm Blue1 x Tiny off-line Sw. 19W SO-8L1 x Contra 230V Plug 16A White RA1 x Current-Mode PWM Cntrllr.DIL-81 x UHF DMR Mobile1 x Microphone Universal Dynamic 4 pins1 x Styroflex Capacitor. 25PF - 160V - 1% - 3X8mm - AX1 x Kenwood TK3501 e PMR446 incl.KNB-45 Battery & Charger KSC-351 x Empty rechargeable battterypack Alan 421 x Automotive bladefuse mini 4A - Purple1 x ø3mm blinking red diffused 627nm 19mcd1 x Simple handheld VHF radio with 16ch.1 x Audio Power Amp. Vcc 9V DIL-81 x Smd electrolytic capacitor Radial Can 330uF 35V (Ø10mm x10mm)1 x Ceramic capacitor 10nF 20% 1kV e=5mm1 x SWR cable 45cm with on both sides a PL plug1 x Analoge voltage panel meter 30V DC 60 x 47mm1 x Carbon film resistor 1/2W 5% - 680K1 x 8-Line Digital Multiplexer - Non-Inverting1 x 1.5kV Vcbo, 5A Ic Low frequency power silicon NPN transistor1 x RF Transistor NPN 12V 200mA 8.5GHz 2W SOT-2231 x Security coaxial cable RG59 + DC power 20 mtr1 x SMA Male Crimp type RG58U Gold