Fiberglass connection in the smaller cores in the coming months. .

DELTA Fiber Network is starting to roll out a Fiberglass connection network in municipalities in South Limburg that are currently in no way connected with a future-proof internet connection.

After North and Central Limburg, we are now starting Fiberglass connection campaigns in South Limburg. DELTA Fiber Netwerk has the ambition to provide everyone, including the inhabitants of villages, small towns and rural areas, with fast and stable internet.

You can already sign up for fiber optic in your place of residence.

As far as we are concerned you will soon have super fast internet! If there are enough residents in your place of residence, take out a subscription with one of the telecom providers, fiber will also be installed here.

South Limburg North South Limburg West
Residential area Township Residential area Township
Bingelrade Beekdaelen Banholt Eijsden-Margraten
Doenrade Beekdaelen Eckelrade Eijsden-Margraten
Jabeek Beekdaelen Mheer Eijsden-Margraten
Puth Beekdaelen Noorbeek Eijsden-Margraten
Schinnen Beekdaelen Herkenrade Eijsden-Margraten
Sweikhuizen Beekdaelen Sint Geertruid Eijsden-Margraten
Merkelbeek Beekdaelen Margraten Eijsden-Margraten
Amstelrade Beekdaelen Scheulder Eijsden-Margraten
Oirsbeek Beekdaelen Bemelen Eijsden-Margraten
Schinveld Beekdaelen Sint Antoniusbank Eijsden-Margraten
Genhout Beek Cahier en Keer Eijsden-Margraten
Geverik Beek Vilt Valkenburg aan de Geul
Kelmond Beek Houthem Valkenburg aan de Geul
Elsloo Stein IJzeren Valkenburg aan de Geul
* Terstraten Beekdaelen Sibbe Valkenburg aan de Geul
* Oensel Beekdaelen Oost-Maarland Eijsden-Margraten
* Swier Beekdaelen Rijckholt Eijsden-Margraten
* Raar Meerssen Gronsveld Eijsden-Margraten
* Schietecoven Meerssen Mesch Eijsden-Margraten
* Brommelen Meerssen Eijsden Eijsden-Margraten
* Geulle aan de maas Meerssen Mariadorp Eijsden-Margraten
* Windraak Sittard-Geleen * Terhorst Eijsden-Margraten
* Terhorst Eijsden-Margraten
* Terhorst Eijsden-Margraten
* Withuis Eijsden-Margraten
* Groot-Welsen Eijsden-Margraten
* Honthem Eijsden-Margraten
* Termaar Eijsden-Margraten
* Bergenhuizen Eijsden-Margraten
* Terlinden Eijsden-Margraten
* Bruisterbosch Eijsden-Margraten
* Moerslag Eijsden-Margraten
* Geulhem Valkenburg aan de Geul
* Terblijt Valkenburg aan de Geul
* Keutenberg Valkenburg aan de Geul
* Oud-Valkenburg Valkenburg aan de Geul
* Emmaberg Valkenburg aan de Geul
* Walem Valkenburg aan de Geul
* Residential area that fall under outer area .

What is fiberglass cable?

Fiberglass is a thread of glass, as thin as a hair. Thanks to this fiber, enormous amounts of data can be sent via light signals in a very short time and over enormous distances. The glass wire is very flexible and very strong. And a big advantage is that the wire is insensitive to bad weather conditions, such as lightning .


The benefits of fiberglass :

For the same money super fast & stable internet

You often spend just as much money for fiber optic as for your current coax or copper connection, but with the advantages of fiber optic. In addition, a fiber optic connection often provides added value to your home .

All online at once

We are doing more and more things online at the same time. Gaming, Netflixing, downloading files, multiple people in a family can go online without any problems with fiber optic internet. Fiber optic can handle infinite amounts of data. With this you are completely ready for now and the future!

Get the internet speed your promises.

With fiber optic you get a guaranteed internet speed. Namely the speed of the subscription you choose. And if the whole street is online, you will not notice it. So your connection is always fast and stable.

Just as fast upload and download

With fiber optic the upload speed is equal to the download speed. Where uploading with other connections often takes 20 times longer than downloading, this is just the same with fiber optic. Very handy... and fast!

Gaming without stuttering

Online gaming is best done with fiber optic internet, because this gives you a super stable connection that can handle very high speeds. This means a fast response time and no more delays in your game! Want to download a new game? Also squeaked like that.

More MBs for your money

With fiber optic you get more MBs and faster internet, for often the same money.

Telecom providers:


Could you use some advice when choosing a fiber optic subscription? Or do you want to know, for example, what a fiber optic connection means for the cabling and equipment in your home or company?

We are happy to help you. Come in or give us a call.

2 x Benchtop power supply with fixed voltage 13.8V 7 Amps (9A peak)2 x opamp 2x 36v 1mhz 0.8v/us DIL-82 x NIMH 1.2V, 800mA, AAA, R03, Micro, Mini Penlite Ø10.5x44,5mm1 x BRIDGE CELL W10M 1000V 1.5A ROUND (fig.R) 4mm connections1 x SI Diode 600V 7A TO-1271 x Mobile Magnetic base CB antenna, incl. 4m cable and PL plug2 x CR2032, Ø20.0x3.2mm, 3.0V, battery standing with isolated edge1 x Coupler TTL Output 75nS DIL-81 x Mobile Antenna UHF 370-490 Mhz Chrome with DV Foot2 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Male and 1x Male 30cm1 x Universal dual USB charger, ideal for charging mobile phones,etc1 x Fan 120x120x25mm 24Vdc 45dBA 152m³ - kogellager Sunon1 x Extension cable 220V 3x1.5mm² 5mtr White with protective earth2 x 2 way car splitter 12V with cable2 x Cable reel 220V 3x1.5 cable 10mtr with 4 sockets IP20.1 x Heat shrink tubing ø 9.5 - 4.7mm black p/mtr1 x Table microphone PTT Pusch to Talk and PTT Lock Exc 9V Bat1 x 220V euro power cable 90° Angled 2mtr with eight 2x0.75mm²2 x Buttons (3x) serving QRM kit1 x DV Antenna mount1 x Extension cable 220V 3x1.5mm² 3mtr White with protective earth1 x 2 Way car splitter 12V1 x GP27A, 12V Ø8X28mm1 x Black 220V cord with the familiar 8-shaped plug 2.5mtr long1 x MKT Capacitor 470nF/63V 5mm1 x SP21 Antenna Mirror Support1 x DIODE, FAST, 3A, 800V DO-201AD1 x USB charger straight for smartphones, navigation, 1x out 5V 2A1 x Case clamp for auto1 x SI N-Chnl. FET 30V 300mW TO-921 x Shrink tubing with adhesive black ø 6 - 2mm length 0.5 m3 x SWR cable 90cm with on both sides a PL plug1 x Charge two smartphones or tablets under 2-Outputs 2.4A1 x USB charger angled for smartphones, navigation, 1x out 5V 2A1 x LNB for reception of Astra 1 + Astra 3 (1 out) for 78/88cm1 x PMR446 Clip Portofoon, 0.5W, 8 Channels1 x Satellite dish TDS 80cm 7016 Anthracite Singlepack 1205081 x Helmset with 2 flat plastic waterproof earbuds1 x Compact, license-free radio. 8 can. 0.5W1 x Helmset with 2 flat plastic waterproof earbuds1 x Pixie 2 kit for the 80mtr (all components and PCB)1 x CR2032, Ø20.0x3.2mm, 3.0V, PCB mount with soldering lips lying1 x LI-ION Battery 18650 3.6V 3.1A 5/4A (ø18.6x65.3mm)1 x Driving Instruction Sets with TK3501 + EM100K + PKT23 + MO31 x 400V 10A TO-31 x PA Amplifier F6BQU (8Watt HF) for 20 or 40 meter1 x LittleFuse Non-Resettable Surface Mount Fuse 5Amp 7.4x4.2mm1 x EL34 Tube JJ Electronic1 x Varta 4922 9V H48.5xL26.5mm, LR22, E1 x Antenna connector PL to DV2 x Motorcycle helmet set with boommike for kenwood1 x Fan 120x120x38mm 12Vdc 48dBA 234.41m³ double ball bearing1 x PMR Handy 8 kan. 500mW1 x Shrink tubing with adhesive black ø 18 - 6mm length 0.5 m1 x Fan 120x120x38mm 12Vdc 44dBA 197m³ dubbelkogellager Sunon1 x Wi-Fi smart plug, Schuko Type F, 10A1 x Magnetic base ø140mm universal for DV, PL connection1 x Set of 6 jumper cables 1x Female and 1x Female 13cm1 x Universal single USB charger, ideal for charging oaMP3, etc1 x Antenna Coaxial Cable 4 m with angled plug DV1 x Speaker 5W 8 Ohms, Incl holder, cable with 3.5 mm plug.1 x Compact ® Logitech USB wireless mouse1 x Polymeric PTC Resettable Fuse 15V 2.5A Ih Surface Mount 2-SMD2 x HSS Twist drill with ø2.35mm shank - ø0.8mm (p / pc)1 x Shrink tubing with adhesive black ø 9 - 3mm length 0.5 m1 x Metalfilm resistor 0.4W-1%-51K1 x Polymeric PTC Resettable Fuse 15V 2A Ih Surface Mount 2-SMD2 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Female en 1x Female 15cm1 x Fan 120x120x38mm 230Vac 43dBA kogellager Sunon1 x SI-N 30V 1A 800mW1 x Throat microphone for PMR handheld transceiver including Kenwood1 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Male and 1x Female 15cm1 x SF-1206S Series, 3 A, 32 VDC, Slow Blow, 1206 ( SF-1206S300-2 )1 x Set of 10 jumper cables 1x Male and 1x Female 30cm1 x Fan 120X120X38MM 230Vac plain bearing 43dBA Sunon2 x Cable reel 220V 3x1.5 cable 20mtr with 4 sockets IP20.1 x Convert a USB-C ™ port to an HDMI ™ Female port1 x GP 1300mAh High performance rechargeble AA batt1 x Amidon Powder iron toroides 8µ - 5-40 Mhz1 x Iphone audio gradient 8-pin Lightning male to 3.5 mm female1 x Fan 120X120X25MM 230Vac plain bearing 43dBA Sunon1 x 2-Port - 1x HDM Input, 2x HDMI ™ Output 4K2K @ 60FPS / HDCP2.21 x 4 Way car splitter 12V + USB1 x Soldering tin 60/40 - 50 grams - ø 0.5 mm1 x 500 Channel portable scanner Freq.25-960 Mhz (cycling races)1 x Microphone cable black flexible 1 x 0.25mm² ø 3mm p/mtr1 x LOW POWER DUAL CONVERSION FM RECEIVER SO-281 x Midland set, CB transceiver 40 Chan. 4W FM / AM Magnet antenna1 x N Channel, 65 A, 60 V, 16 Mohm TO-2201 x Elco radial 220uF/35V 6.3x11mm e=5mm 105°1 x MKT Capacitor 220nF/63V 5mm1 x Twist drill HSS - DIN 338 - ø0.8mm (p / pc)1 x pos v-reg 5v 0.1a TO-921 x DIN cableplug plastic - 3-polig1 x Pos. Adj. Voltage Reg. TO-921 x Heat Shrink ø 3.2 - 1.6mm black p / mtr1 x Mounting Wires ø0,5mm 10m - yellow - solid - blister1 x A38-X1, µ, Ø 6mm, white / green1 x SCART to HDMI ™ Converter connect Scart to HDMI1 x Ceramic capacitor 120pF e=5,08mm1 x HDMI ™ to SCART Converter connect HDMI to scart1 x IR light lock - 10m for eg ramp, shops, etc.1 x Alan 48 Pro CB Transceiver 40 Multi Chan. FM/AM 1W/4W 12/24V2 x CR2032, Ø20.0x3.2mm, 3.0V, battery standing with isolated edge1 x Coil resistormodel 100uH 5%2 x SWR cable 45cm with on both sides a PL plug1 x quad 2-inp nand gate DIL-141 x Mounting Wires ø0,5mm 10m - blue - solid - blister1 x PCB pin ø1,0x10mm silver plated1 x 2 mtr/70cm Handy Credit Card Size w.charger1 x Marten Free on battery1 x Throat Microphone for PMR handy ICOM,YAESU,STANDARD,ALINCO1 x High quality High Speed HDMI cable 5mtr1 x Data control cable 2X 0.06mm with Shielding. Ø2mm white p/mtr1 x Microphone President 6pins with Up/Down1 x Wi-Fi Smoke detector battery powered 85db white EN146042 x Capacitor 0402 10uF 4V +/- 20%1 x Motor helmset with boom mike for Icom and Alinco1 x Solid State Relay, Random, PCB Mount, 600V 0.9A DIL-8, 7pins1 x dual 1.5w power amplif.9v1 x HDMI switch closes up to 2 devices on to HDMI TV input1 x Flat cable AWG28 rainbow - 34 wire p / mtr1 x Metalfilm resistor 0,4W-1%-360K1 x Self-adhesive mounting plates for smoke detectors ø39.4mm1 x Foam Cleaner for equipment1 x Antenna CB Base Whip Aluminium length 650cm 250 Watts1 x 2-way Input: 1x RCA Fem or 1x TosLink to output 2x Tulip Fem1 x Alan 78 Pro CB Transceiver 40 Multi Chan. FM/AM 1W/4W 12/24V1 x CUL Winding Wire 0.5mm p/mtr1 x TV mount 81.3 cm (32") - 165.1 cm (65") Fixed1 x Small Signal Transistors TO-921 x Adapter 220V contra USA naar NL Stekker black1 x 2mtr / 70cm Dual Portofoon IP-54 & MIL-STD 810G1 x E-27 Halogen bulb base ø41x47mm1 x RoIP Gateway Radio over IP-Netwerk. PMR, LTE,VoIP1 x G-9 Halogen cap ø22mm1 x UTP CAT6(RJ-45) white 7.5mtr supported 10,100,1000 Mbps1 x DIN mounting for President Walker-2 , Richard1 x Mounting Wires ø0,5mm 10m - white - solid - blister1 x Increase your safety at home with this carbon monoxide detector.1 x Boom Mike 1pin with 3.5 mm stereo earphone jack1 x Full Duplex LTE Base Station for the IP501H1 x Dual band 2m/70cm Handheld incl. Batterij, charger, antenna1 x Coil, E526HNA100113, Dimension: 10x10mm1 x GU-10 Halogen bulb base ø27, 5mm wired1 x SI-P 300V 1A 1W TO-51 x External speaker for mobile incl. 2 meter cable1 x Varistor SIOV - S07 K17 17V 0,02W ø9,0x3,6mm1 x Halogen G4-G6 fitting cap 18x17mm with wire 15cm1 x Tin plate boxes HF 55x110x50mm2 x CB SWR/Powermeter, 26 - 30 MHz, Max 100 Watt1 x External speaker 20W rated input for ICF5400,ICF6400 NO1 x Halogen G4-G6 fitting cap with wire ø17mm1 x Elco radial 0,1uF/100V 5x11mm e=2,5mm 105°1 x AT-cable. 9polig Female / Male 25polig molded 1.8m.1 x Reed contact 0.25A/3W 1xchange ø2.54x14.0mm1 x Halogen G4-G6 fitting cap ø17mm with flange and wire1 x Twist drill HSS - DIN 338 - ø1,0mm (p / pc)1 x Table model power supply adjustable and fixed 5-15V 40A1 x Microphone for Midland M20, 248 and Alan121 6pin with up / down1 x Reed contact 0.25A/3W 1xmake ø5x48.0mm1 x SI-P 40V 3A 10W TO-2021 x LTE Handheld Transceiver, Wide Coverage Over LTE, 4G, 3D Network1 x Balun 1,2 KW 1:1 (1.7-40Mhz)1 x Reed contact 0.25A/3W 1xmake ø3x15.0mm1 x Reed contact 0.25A/3W 1xmake ø3.8x28.0mm1 x Key switch - 120V/2A Hole ø10mm, length 26mm1 x Ledholder panelmount neglected relflector 5mm black1 x Reed contact 0.25A/3W 1xmake ø2.54x20.0mm1 x SI-N 36V 500mA 4.5W TO-51 x Storage box for the Brass Racer1 x SMD LED 1206 3,2x1,5x1,1mm 28,5-72mcd 140° - green1 x Cable Jack 3.5 Stereo Male - Jack 3.5 Stereo Female 2mtr1 x Mounting Wires ø0,5mm 10m - brown - solid - blister1 x Fly repeller with soft-stop fan blades.1 x IC socket gold plated machined dil 28p e=15,24mm1 x Vibrokey Gold spring loaded movement paddle with one handle1 x Power cord CB 2 pins with lock [dd]1 x Ceramic capacitor 100pF 100V e=5,08mm1 x Microphone President 6pins1 x ø3mm Low Current (2mA) 590nm yellow diffused 1.8 mcd1 x Probe Switchable scaling factor : 1 : 101 x Pos. Reg. 12V 0.5A TO-2021 x Quad 2 Inp. NOR Gate DIL-141 x Antenna CB Mobile Magnetic Whip Stainless Steel, 101cm, 300W1 x Varistor SIOV - S10 K550 550V 0,40W ø12,0x7,1mm1 x Automotive bladefuse 40A - orange1 x Coil, KENK5231DZ (145Mc), Dimension: 10x10mm1 x 6-fold multi charger for BP-227 and BP-2741 x ø3mm blinking red diffused 627nm 19mcd1 x Amidon Ferrite Toroids 3µ - 30-400 Mhz1 x Battery Holder 6x Monocel (D) snaps (3x2)1 x Car relay 24VDC 40A SPCO1 x 800mAh Ni-Mh Rechargable battery pack for Midland G71 x Foil Trimmer 3 - 60pF 3pins Grid 7.5 mm black1 x Crystal 9.8304Mhz - HC 49/U dim. W11.05 x D4.7 x H13.5mm1 x 1 x SMD LED 0805 2,0x1,25x1,1mm 36-90mcd 140° - red1 x BCD-to-Seven-Segment Decoders/Drivers -55 to 125 DIL-161 x Temperatue Fuse 216°C/10A1 x Zener 1.3W 5.6V DO-411 x Fitting screw 20A Blue1 x Trimmer top adjust Ø 15mm 10K - Piher - RoHS1 x Quad 2 Inp. NOR Gate DIL-14