1 x Elco radial 4,7uF/63V 5x11mm e=2mm 105°1 x Extension cable 220V 3x1.5mm² 3mtr White with protective earth1 x President Transceiver 10 Meter, Frequency:28.000-29.700MHz AM/FM1 x Earbud With In-line PTT For PKT-23 Radio1 x Alan 78 Pro CB Transceiver 40 Multi Chan. FM/AM 1W/4W 12/24V1 x Alan 48 Pro CB Transceiver 40 Multi Chan. FM/AM 1W/4W 12/24V1 x Very Low Noise Opamp DIL-81 x .5 mm mono jack socket PCB - Marushin - RoHS1 x Ferrule insulated 2.50mm² x 8mm1 x Fuse ø5x20mm fast - 63mA1 x 256 X 4 STATICRAM Low power DIL-181 x Wirewound resistor AX5W 5% - 0.82E1 x Crystal 14.000Mhz - HC 49/U dim. W11.05 x D4.7 x H13.5mm1 x UHF FM Handheld incl KNB-63 Battery, Charger, Antenna, Beltclip1 x SI Varicap 28V 1.8-2.8pF2 x VHF Portable Radio1 x Elco radial 3,3uF/100V 5x11mm e=2,5mm 105°1 x Elco axial 470uF/35V ø10x18mm1 x Trimmer side adjust 10mm 10K - Piher - RoHS1 x Pcb Mini-USB type A 5 pole SMD1 x Fuse ø6,3x32mm slow-blow - 100mA1 x Icom PMR Radio 16 channels 500mW1 x Solder tin 0.7mm 60% tin, 40% lead alloy1 x IC socket gold plated machined dil 40p e=15,24mm1 x Temperatue Fuse 104°C/10A1 x Switced Mode Power Supp.1 x Dual D Flip-Flop SO-141 x Multi wonderspray kontact 401 x SI-P 120V 8A 80W TOP-31 x SWR cable 90cm with on both sides a PL plug1 x LTE Handheld Transceiver, Wide Coverage Over LTE, 4G, 3D Network1 x Nexedge full keypad and Display VHF Handheld1 x CB Amplifier 12-14VDC, 25-30Mhz 60W1 x Elco radial 2200uF/16V 10x20mm e=5mm 105°1 x Analog Compander DIL-161 x Extension cable 220V 3x1.5mm² 5mtr White with protective earth1 x SI-P 100V 25A 125W TOP-31 x 3E2, 4000µ, Ø 14mm, blue1 x CB Mobile PL Mount Length: 143cm, Power: 200 Watts1 x SI-P 150V 600mA 350mW TO-922 x Intel Core i5-11400F processor 2,6 GHz 12 MB Smart Cache Box1 x Telephone cord flat 2x RJ11 Male 5mtr white1 x Wirewound resistor 3W 5% - 68E1 x Circuit Breaker, In-Line, Output 220V 10A1 x Rocker switch 25x30mm 2xon/off red illuminate 250V with cap1 x Zenerdiode 500mW 15V 3% DO-351 x RG-58 Magnum Coax Cable 50 Ohm MIL-C-17F p/mtr1 x Nexedge full keypad and Display Digital UHF FM Portable1 x Ceramic. multilayer 47nF 50V X7R 10% e=5,0mm1 x Wi-Fi smart plug, current meter, schuko type F, 16A1 x Complete Sixfold 220V fast charger, (incl BC157S)1 x President Walker 2 CB transceiver 40 Multi Channels FM/AM1 x CB SWR/Powermeter, 26 - 30 MHz, Max 100 Watt1 x BIMOS Opamp. DIL-8

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