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Holiday closure 2021.

We are completely closed from September 8 to Sunday September 26 due to holidays.
We will be ready for you again on Monday September 27.

All web orders (if in stock) will be shipped from Monday September 27.

South Limburg radio market 2021.

This year, VERON and VRZA South Limburg are again jointly organizing the South Limburg Radio Market.
The opportunity to buy that long-sought part or device or to make some space in the shack yourself, to meet old acquaintances and to make new contacts.
Because the Radiomarkt South-Limburg is the smallest but nicest market in the south!

The market is organized subject to and taking into account the government measures for Covid19.

They mean that just about everything is allowed, even the 1,5 meter rule does not apply. However, we still have to do a corona check at the gate.
You need a number of things for this, such as a corona ticket and a ticket for the radio market. Furthermore, all participants are strongly advised to take a self-test five days after the event.

We assume that most visitors have already been vaccinated twice, so that obtaining the corona ticket is a formality. You can create your ticket for the radio market yourself via the button below on the VERON website.

Press here to create your FREE Ticket.

If you have objections to this or if you still do not feel completely safe, we fully understand that. We advise you to skip the radio market for this year again, hopefully next year better!

Handsfree microfoons
Hands-free communication in the vehicle.

In countries where it is illegal to hold a microphone in your hand. (In accordance with § 23 (1a) StVO, which prohibits the use of microphones by hand in vehicles from July 1, 2020)

Is this the solution! !

Albrecht CB radio VOX microphones provide the perfect solution for hands-free communication in vehicles.
The microphones can be used with almost all CB radios on the market. The integrated active noise canceling function filters out disturbing background noise and offers a very clear speech transmission.

Albrecht 42110 VOX CB 6 pins mike.
This microphone gets its power from pin 6 of the microphone plug. Compatible with CB radios with 12V on pin 6:
e.g. President (but Up/Down button on mike does not work.)

Albrecht 42100 VOX CB USB 6 pins mike.
The built-in battery with in this mike has a battery life of approximately 60 hours and can also be charged while the microphone is in use.
Compatible with CB radios without 12V on pin 6:
including: AE6199, AE5890, AE6891, AE6790, AE6690, AE5090XL, Midland M20, Alan 48 Plus, Alan 48 Pro, Alan 78 Plus, Alan 78 Pro, Stabo XM 3003

Piher instelpotmeter Ø6.3mm
New in assortment.

Piher potentiometers Ø6.3mm

he PT-6 potentiometer provides control where frequent adjustment is required.
The shaftless design allows the use of various triggering mechanisms such as a custom shaft, a motor control or manual.

This potentiometer can also control variable outputs including frequency, change in motor speed or volume.

Typical applications include test and measurement equipment, consumer electronics, appliances, timers, robotics, motion controllers, home and building automation and medical device control panels.

Potentionmeters overview
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PMR Handy 8 kan. 500mW
PMR Handy 8 kan. 500mW
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